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Plans for the next weeks

Things are getting hectic! I got my park visit permits sorted in record time in KK, with a great deal of help from fellow ecologists

Elia and Hamza (I’ll get back to them and what they do in a next post), and I headed right away to Lahad Datu, a stinky little town on the east coast that is the access gate to the parks in central-eastern Sabah. Here’s a quick update on my whereabouts for the next weeks.
Right now the rangers are taking me to Danum valley, a pristine but hard-to-reach nature park in east Sabah. I’ll be there four days. Then back in the horrible Lahad Datu for one night, and off again to Imbak canyon, another remote conservation area.
After that I’ll help Dzaeman on the field for a few days, and finally I’ll be off again to Maliau basin that is another park far from everything.

These are the plans until the end of November. Off to the forest now.